Shades of the Past Classic Car Show and a Crumpled Side-Door

Yesterday at the auto body shop where I took my car after an intersection mishap, I swapped some car talk with an insurance adjuster and the head of the body shop. The adjuster was fairly bouncing on his toes with excitement when he talked about his upcoming trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the Shades of the Past 2007 Rod Run. He’s probably heading there now since it’s happening September 7-8.

I frankly don’t know much more than squat about cars, but as I was listening to my new car shop buds talk about this event, I got thinking that I ought to hop in my car and head there myself. Problem is, I can’t really get in my crumpled driver’s side door and climbing over the console from the passenger side has its limits.

From what they said, this is the classic car event to go to–3,000 will be on display, none older than 1972. The car that caught my eye is the replica of the 5W Deuce Coupe that actor Paul LeMat, “aka,” John Milner drove in the movie American Graffiti. (This is the car in the photo) LeMat and Cindy Williams, who played Laurie Henderson, the girl who headed off with Milner to make her boyfriend, Steve (played by Ron Howard) jealous until the car crashed, will be signing autographs over the weekend. The car adjuster was also enamored with the thought of winning a classic car. The two to be given away are a ’32 Ford High-Boy Roadster and a ’68 Chevy Malibu Big Block, 4-speed, Black Red. I’m not exactly sure what they are, but I bet they’re sweet.

If you’re looking for a classic car event or any car event closer to you, the Web site is filled with links.