National Geographic Launches “Places of a Lifetime” for Travelers

On Thursday September 6, National Geographic launched a new website, Places of a Lifetime, which is a continuation of its 1999 article on the world’s top 50 destinations.

The site currently profiles 10 cities (but plans to have 50 by spring of 2008), with slide shows, essays from Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, and travel tips for when you go. Tips include places to stay, eat, and shop for different budgets — and there’s more. Each city guide has 3 walking tours, recipes, books and movies, cultural tips, must-dos, and maps.

I checked out Washington D.C.’s profile because I just couldn’t imagine what type of regional recipes might be included. The President’s Humble Pie? Not so much. Instead I found Maryland Crab Cakes, a mint julep recipe, and Georgia Brown’s French Toast (yum!). While including recipes may not be practical, it’s a move that definitely got my attention.

In all, the website is easily navigable, provides interesting tips, and — in true National Geographic style — has pretty photos. For now it’s a good place to start when you’re in the beginning processes of planning a trip.