Rugby World Cup: No Girly-Man Helmets To Be Seen

With its combination of grace and brute strength, (and a total lack of girly-man helmets and shoulder pads), purists reckon rugby is the “Game Played in Heaven”. The once every four years Rugby World Cup has just kicked off with hosts France being beaten in an upset by the Pumas from Argentina.

The tournament’s on for another seven weeks before the inevitable victory by New Zealand’s All Blacks in the final in Paris on October 20 (but I would say that wouldn’t I?)

Most games are being played in France, but there are also a few fixtures in Cardiff and Edinburgh. Apparently there are still tickets available, so here’s your chance to see what the fuss is all about. Alternatively here are three great bars where rugby fans from all nations will be cheering on their favourites.

  1. Marseille:L’OM Cafe. Marseille is a big soccer town. Zinedine Zidane is a local hero, and this is home base for fans of Olympique Marseille. The city on the Med is also the base for the All Blacks for the next few weeks so expect lots of rowdy but friendly Kiwis.
  2. Paris:Pub Saint-Germain. Imagine your idea of a perfect pub. How about one that has more than a hundred different beers and stays open 24 hours a day? More than perfect I reckon.
  3. Lyon: OL Café is near the stadium and has football memorabilia and more TV screens than dodgy calls by a South African referee.

For information on getting around France by train to the different games, click here.

Thanks to anneinparis16 on Flickr for the pic.