Explore the Beer Tents of Oktoberfest

Tent #1: The Hippodrom

“One of the hottest tents at the Wiesn,” notes flickr user beketchai. “This tent gets packed at opening time, so it’s hard to find a seat.”



Tent #2: Armbrustschützen

This tent is all about hunting and visitors can sit in the themed boxes (pheasants or badgers) and admire the hunters’ trophies,” according to Bayern.by’s Oktoberfest guide.


Tent #3: Hofbräu

“The proprietors Margot and Günter Steinberg know how to treat their guests well. It is not uncommon to already find Maß glasses being raised to toasts and guests rocking back and forth to the music at midday. This is not least because Hofbräu guests come from all over the world,” according to the official Oktoberfest website. “Americans and Austrians feel especially happy here.”


  • Capacity: 6,896 people inside, 3,022 outside.
  • Brewery: Hofbräu München
  • Website: www.hb-festzelt.de

Tent #4: Hacker

“The slogan is integral to the Hacker-Festzelt philosophy: when surrounded by clouds and stars with a cold Maß (liter of beer) in the hand, you may feel as though you are truly in a ‘Bavarian Heaven’.”


Tent #5: Schottenhamel

The biggest and most important tent of the fest: Schottenhamel. “On the opening day of the Wiesn, at 12 pm on the dot, the mayor of Munich, Christian Ude will tap the first keg and call out ‘O’zapft is!’ confirming that the tapping was successful. It is only after this that all other tents may begin to serve beer,” according to the official Oktoberfest website.



Tent #6: Winzerer Fähndl

“This tent is noted for its huge tower, with a Maß of Paulaner beer sitting atop it,” according to Wikipedia.


  • Capacity: 8,450 inside, 2,450 outside.
  • Brewery: Paulaner

Tent #7: Schützenfestzelt

“One thing, which has made this tent world-famous, is the sucking pig prepared in an authentic Bavarian manner in malt beer sauce and served with coleslaw. It is even served in the traditional “lukewarm” Bavarian manner and will melt in your mouth! Enjoy your meal.” — Official Oktoberfest website.


  • Capacity: 4,442
  • Brewery: Löwenbräu