Home Suite Home

Maybe this story reconciles two perpetual challenges? How do you afford the home you want, and how do you keep that “on vacation” feeling when you get back from a trip?

English couple David and Jean Davidson have spent 10 years living in a room at the Gonerby Moor Travelodge in Lincolnshire. They actually own their own flat in Sheffield, but prefer the convenience, safety and affordability of staying at the Travelodge. Every two weeks they make the trip back to their flat to pick up mail, but otherwise are perfectly happy at Gonerby Park. For meals they visit nearby restaurants or pop across the road to dine at a motorway service stop.

They’ve actually been staying at the Travelodge chain for 22 years, and on a recent trip to the United States spent every night in Travelodges even though Stateside ones are owned by a different company.

Back in Lincolnshire, Travelodge has honoured their intense brand loyalty by naming their regular room, The Davidsons’ Suite.

Via Guardian Unlimited and thanks to Travelodge for the pic of Gonerby Moor.