Amsterdam’s Handbag Museum

So many women out there are crazy about shoes but while I appreciate a good set of pumps, I’m more into cute handbags than shoes. If you agree with me, you might want to consider a trip to Amsterdam and a stop over at the new Amsterdam Tassen Museum, which proudly features over 3,500 bags, purses and suit cases from the last, oh, 400 years or so. Located in a sophisticated canal-side building, a visit to the museum is sure to leave you feeling not-so-chic in your wrinkled travel garb. Your backpack probably won’t feel as luxurious anymore either.

No doubt there’s bound to be some interesting ones in there. Like? How about this one, which appears to hold about 7 coins. Or this interesting leather piece from the 16th century. And there’s this one from Botswana. There’s even some for sale.