Fashion Takes To The Skies

The smart marketing team at Air New Zealand have been earning their salaries recently. Earlier this week we reported on the special gay-themed flight from San Francisco to Sydney (presumably via Auckland) that New Zealand’s national carrier is running in the week before Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Now the little airline that could has just run a special fashion flight from Sydney to Auckland. On board the three hour hop across the Tasman Sea were the cream of Australasia’s fashion media, and they were treated to a couple of catwalk shows at 30,000 feet. The flight was specially scheduled to launch Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

Apparently the first show was a little bumpy, but the turbulence subsided in time for the second outing of a few intrepid models. There’s no word if an aisle seat ensured a better goody bag and more champagne than those crammed in by the windows.

Via Stuff. Click here for pics and a video of the Blue Steel sky high shenanigans. Thanks to Stuff for the pic.