U.S. Airports Just Now Installing Charging Stations?

I was reading this story over at Yahoo about U.S. airports installing electric charging stations to “bring precious energy more conveniently to millions of travelers who rely on a plethora of battery-powered devices.” Hmm, I thought… that sounds familiar. And then I remembered why.

When I was in India, there wasn’t a single airport I visited that didn’t have something like this. These were the same airports that had dogs running around on the tarmac, and women in saris perched several stories high on bamboo scaffolding to repair a broken P.A. speaker. Point being, these were most definitely NOT high-tech airports, yet they had the same power options that American airports are just getting around to installing. I wonder why that is?

I browsed around my photo collection, but unfortunately could only find a shot of a “facility for charging mobile phones,” which is pictured above. This was taken at the domestic airport in Mumbai.

So what’s been your experience with power options in U.S. airports? Good or bad? Personally, I’ve never had a problem — domestically or otherwise — finding an outlet to use, whether it was part of a charging kiosk or otherwise.