World’s Longest Golf Course is Planned for Australian Desert

Under the glaring desert sun, the Australian outback consists of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of empty space, which, according to the Australian government, makes it the ideal spot for the world longest golf course. The Nullarbor Plain is set to see construction of the 18-hole golf course, which will stretch across 1,200 km (750 mi.) Wow. All I have to say is, if you golf there, you’d better rent a cart.

Actually, a cart’s not necessary, but a car or other means of long-distance transportation is. This golf course will be an unconventional one, as each hole is located at a different town along the course, starting with Kalgoorlie and ending with Ceduna. Though one of the holes isn’t located in a town — it’s at a remote sheep farm.

The course is expected to open in 2008.