What’s in Your Pack, Timothy Ferriss?

We asked Timothy Ferriss, author of the New York Times #1 best-seller, The Four-Hour Work Week (be sure and read our interview with him), what he packs on a typical trip. “In 20 minutes, I leave from JFK for Iceland,” he wrote in his blog on September 20th. “then Scotland, and then a circle in Europe that will include Oktoberfest in Munich.” So, Tim, what’s in your pack?


Inside of red, mini-gym bag:

Pile 1:

  • Kiva expandable dufflebag
  • Reef flipflops, tops facing outward

Pile 2:

  • SR quick-dry microfiber towel
  • Quicksilver board shorts

Pile 3:

  • Nylon/Polyester tanktop
  • Designer Step 35 Italian t-shirt (for casual or clubs)
  • Black Banana Republic long-sleeve shirt (no collar)
  • Nylon Blair lightweight pants

Bottom line:

  • Mesh cap
  • Belt
  • Kitchen timer for alarm (I travel with no cellphone)
  • Echinacea and diphenhydramine sleep aid
  • Athletic tape (for bag/clothing repairs or injuries)
  • Waterproof matches

Inside backpack:

  • Notepads
  • Sony Vaio VGN-TXN27N (1.8 lbs.)
  • German phrasebook, moleskine notepads, Tuxedo Park
  • FireLite 80GB USB-powered external harddrive
  • Casio electronic dictionaries (Spanish, German)
  • Kensington laptop lock
  • Olympus digital voice recorder with external mic
  • 4GB iPod Nano (doubles as external drive) with Philips noise-canceling headphones

Inside backpack inside pocket:

  • Sleeping mask + earplugs
  • Amerigel wound dressing (like Neosporin but more viscous)
  • Zicam cold remedy/prevention oral mist
  • Duane Reade decongestant inhaler
  • Aleve anti-inflammatory (naproxen sodium)

Japanese schoolgirl pose in Edinburgh, Scotland.


  • Knit cap from Plaza Francia, Buenos Aires
  • Mormaii Brazilian surf sunglasses
  • Longsleeve cotton shirt
  • Windbreaker
  • Brazilian “Taco” denim jeans
  • Puma Vans look-a-like sneakers

Thanks, Tim!

Want to show Gadling readers how you pack for the road? Send me an email (justinglow at gmail dot com) with a full description and pictures — similar to what Tim has done here — and we’ll feature it on the site!