Photo of the Day (9/26/07)

The cadence of life in China, Taiwan and Singapore in the mornings is something I miss. I have no idea if this shot by Rob Webster in our Gadling photo pool was taken in Beijing at the Temple of Heaven in the morning, but from the warmth of the light, I assume so. The parks are where you find people, often older people, doing Tai chi and ballroom dancing (complete with music) . There is such joy and relaxation when the sun first comes up that it is hard to imagine one would ever have a bad day if start your mornings off with a stroll.

I’d love to see what the kite at the end of the string looked like. By the size of the spool, I bet it’s huge. Check out Rob’s other shots of China. They’re wonderful. If you’d like your photos to be considered for a Photo of the Day, post them at Gadling’s Photo Pool on Flickr.