How Much Would You Pay for Dessert? $14,500?

There’s a lot I would do for the perfect Creme Brulee. You see, I’m a bit of a dessert fiend and it’s certainly my all-time favourite. In fact, I ate more than my share at the last wedding I photographed. But I digress. What’s the most you would pay for a dessert? $5? $10? $25? $100? How about $14,500? That sounds a bit excessive, but that’s what the most expensive dessert in the world recently is valued at in at a luxury hotel in Sri Lanka.

If you’ve got $14,500 to spend on dessert, why not consider a stay in a $30,000 hotel room, a luxury wildlife tour, or some chill-out time in a luxury holiday inn.

The dessert in question is Sabayon, a Italian dish made from eggs, sugar and liquor, among other things. This particular version is made with Dom Perignon and flakes of silver and gold. It also includes a Valrhona chocolate figure holding a 14-carat aquamarine gem valued at $14,000, which the diner of course gets to keep.

Ok, so fancy jewel aside, the dessert still costs $500. Which is a little too rich for my tastes — and others must agree, since no one has ordered it yet.