Swastika Navy Building via Google Earth

Google Earth has changed the way we go about observing our world.

Occasionally the satellite photos reveal some very cool new areas to explore. Other times they reveal oddities not visible from the ground.

This was the recent case with the Naval Base Coronado near San Diego, California. The building, constructed in 1967, happens to be in the exact shape of a swastika. Navy officials admitted to having discovered this many years ago but since there is a no-fly zone above the navel base, they figured no one would see it.

Well, the eagle eyes of Google Earth miss nothing. The naval base has become a favorite virtual destination for Google Earth fanatics, who are always seeking out bizarre sights buried in the reams of footage.

And now that the secret is out, the Navy has announced that they will be spending $600,000 to alter the shape of the building into something less offensive, like a square, for example.