Chernobyl: Vacation Hotspot? Or Mutation-Causing Wrong Turn?

One place I really want to visit, but common sense tells me otherwise, is Chernobyl. No, not the power plant itself, but the nearby ghost town of Pripyat and the wasteland that surrounds it.

Apparently it’s just safe enough for visitors to spend a brief time scavenging about before too much radiation mutates their brain cells. We’ve posted before about tours which the adventurous and/or fool hearted can take out of Kiev. And, we’ve posted about a rather amazing motor bike journey through the “Zone of Estrangement.”

Today, however, we share a chilling video of what a city of 48,000 looks like 20 years after this planet’s worst nuclear disaster. And it ain’t pretty folks. It sure is tempting to visit, though. And, were it not for the radiation, I’d be climbing all over those buildings. Call me a wimp, but I think I’m staying away for another century or two.

And if this isn’t scary enough for you, be sure to click here for an even more frightening video captured in the wintertime.