One for the Road: Tribe – Adventures in a Changing World

Last month in the UK, Penguin released Tribe: Adventures in a Changing World, by Bruce Parry, a companion to his documentary series of the same name. Tribe, the TV show, has been around for a few years now (known as Going Tribal on Discovery), documenting Parry’s courageous and sometimes controversial encounters with remote tribal groups around the world.

Some of the groups he lived with for a month at a time include the Anuta (Solomon Islands), Kombai (Indonesian Papua), Babongo (Gabon) and Adi (India). The book shares stories from his experiences, and also raises challenging questions about whether or not these tribal groups should be protected.

There are separate DVDs available for all three BBC seasons of the show, with a compilation DVD coming soon. But if you prefer to read firsthand about Parry’s experiences with these fifteen tribal groups, than hunt down a copy of this recently released hardcover book.