Rock, Paper, Scissors … Well?

Sitting on an upside down garbage can and drinking Bordeaux at a wine and cheese party in this past weekend, we got on the topic of Rock Paper Scissors (naturally) and I was politely informed by my Parisian comrades that I was playing incorrectly. In France, you see, they have the power gesture: The Well.

Rock and Scissors fall in the Well, you see, but Paper covers it.

But doesn’t that create an unfair advantage for The Well? Shouldn’t everyone choose The Well because you have a 2:1 advantage?

Riding the M3 on the way home my brother in law and I discussed this. He pointed out that any semi-intelligent person would choose The Well because of the advantage, but if you were really smart you would choose Paper, knowing what everyone else would choose. So in the end, it comes down to an economically stratified game, with the plebians picking The Well and the elite going with Paper. Classist warfare, boiled down to a game of hand gestures. And that, is what we decided, makes the game French.