One for the Road: Make the Most of Your Time on Earth

There are books that suggest what you should see before you die. And others that offer up vacation ideas that will enrich your life. Rough Guides takes a different approach with their just released mega list of 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences. Their challenge to each of us — Make the Most of Your Time on Earth. Simple, right? They label these 1,000 activities as must-do, but with an invitation than I find much more appealing than “Hurry up and visit all these touristy locations before you croak!”

This massive Rough Guide to the World includes all 625 experiences previously released in the 25 Ultimate Experience mini-guides (which we reviewed when we interviewed Rough Guide founder Mark Ellingham in May), plus an additional 375 new experiences. From punting on the river Cam in Cambridge to voyaging into the unknown of Antarctica, Rough Guides presents travelers with adventures that appeal to all types. The book is loaded with inspirational photographs and descriptions. It’s meant to be thumbed through again and again — for daydreaming sessions when stuck at home, or as a prompt to get going with actual travel planning. This fantastic collection is a must have for anyone who experiences frequent bouts of wanderlust. Just one flip through the 600-color pages will leave you motivated to get moving…somewhere! Do you need more proof that no shortage of possibilities exists!?!