One for the Road: Moon Guatemala

Has Grant’s alert about cheap fares to Guatemala got ya thinking about planning a spontaneous getaway? Or maybe you want to expand your travels beyond Guatemala City and the old capital of Antiqua and spend a week or more exploring the scenic wonders of this magical country?

Consider picking up a copy of Moon’s guide to Guatemala to throw in your pack. The second edition of this handy guide has just hit bookstores. The first two places covered in the book are the ones mentioned here already, but it then goes on to provide equal attention to El Oriente and Izabal, Las Verapaces, Peten, the Western Highlands and the Pacific Coast regions. Special sections include background about the Mayan culture and tips for those who love bird-watching or adventure hiking.

The 480-page book was written by Al Argueta, a Texas-based photographer of Guatemalan decent who lived there for two years and has explored much of the country. His passion for the joys of this nation can be sensed throughout the book. Be sure to check it out before making your own visit to discover Guatemala.