Bargain Deals in Iceland

Iceland is one of my favorite places on this planet. It’s also one of the most expensive. And that’s why any time I hear about budget travel or cheap deals in this wonderful country, I happily share the find.

And so, just in time for the upcoming Iceland Airwaves Music Festival (October 17-21) the Guardian has interviewed five locals in search of cheap eats and other bargains–such as enjoying free espresso at 12Tónar, an independent music store.

One of the more unique discoveries I came across in this article was a recommendation to visit MulaKaffi Restaurant and try some slátur. Icelandic cuisine is notorious for its oddity and slátur is no exception. Rather than try to describe it myself, I’ll simply quote the words of local musicians Gunni and President Bongo: “…like haggis, involving all the “other” bits of meat. It literally translates as “slaughter,” and is also a slang term for a man’s genitals. The blood sausage, fat and oats sown into the stomach of a sheep – is boiled, cut down and fried, and then sugar is sprinkled on top.”

Mmmm… I’m sure the sugary topping really makes this dish extra yummy!