The World’s Best Places to Live

Finland was recently named the best place in the world to live, thanks largely to great air and water quality, low rates of infant diseases, and protection from water pollution and natural disasters. What else is great about Finland? Well, for starters, Finland …

Plus, it’s gorgeous.

Iceland also made the list of the world’s best places to live. Despite it’s name, Iceland is not made entirely of ice. In fact, Iceland offers:

Iceland has all this, plus … it’s stunningly beautiful.

Norway made the cut, too. Despite it’s reputation as being expensive, Norway has:

Don’t believe us? Check out this amazing gallery.

Ahhhh … Sweden. There are so many reasons to love this nation:

Yup … it wouldn’t be hard to live here.

Austria rounds out the list of the five most liveable countries. However, just because it came in at number five — and just because it has controversial urinals — don’t dismiss this nation. Austria is the proud home of:

Of course, the nation is lovely to look at, too.

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