PostSecret: Travelers Unload Their Baggage

The anonymous aspect of travel lends itself well to secrets. This is what Frank Warren reminds us in this New York Times business article from a few days ago. Secrets set free on postcards — have you heard of the PostSecret project yet? We mentioned it here over two years ago. Now, several books and many more postcards later, the secrets continue to flow. Warren’s newest collection of postcard submissions, A Lifetime of Secrets, hit shelves this month. He is currently on tour promoting the book.

The postcards Warren has received and compiled into his books are not solely about travel. But in his short New York Times piece, he reflects on the ones that are inspired by airplanes, terminals, boarding passes and pilots.

What are your travel secrets?

I’ve got a few that involve long-distance relationships from years gone by, when frequent flights and expensive phone calls ruled the day. Warren’s piece inspires me to scribble something secret on a postcard and send it along (see submission address at bottom of page). Do you have some travel-related secrets – gripes, pains, jokes – that are yearning to break free? If so, find yourself a postcard and set your top-secret travel tales to the wind…