American Express, Lonely Planet, IgoUgo, and Travel & Leisure Unite Online

That’s a lot of big names all together. And there’s one more: Travelocity. How are all these companies linked, besides under the umbrella of travel?

Answer: Amex’s new travel “sitelet” Local Color, which has destination-specific search capabilities using Lonely Planet, IgoUgo, and Travel & Leisure. Lonely Planet provides the destination guides, Travel & Leisure contributes articles about classic and up and coming destinations, and IgoUgo supplies travel reviews. If you want to book a flight, just click on the link and you’re whisked to the Amex-powered Travelocity site.

The site also has currency converters, access to “travel specialists,” and a travel support center. In fact, there are so many services that the site is practically overwhelming. But it’s fun to play around in and certainly informative.

Happy planning!