Finland Ranks #1 in Vacation Days, USA #45

Well, summer is over. Have you taken your vacation days yet, or will you once again roll them over to next year?

If you are from Finland, there is a very good chance that you will indeed roll over your vacation days. This is because those crazy Finns receive 30 days of vacation on average in addition to 14 paid holidays every year.

According to a survey by Mercer, a human resources consulting firm, Finland ranks as the most gracious country in terms of vacation days amongst 49 researched in the survey. The study measured average vacation days received by employees who have worked at least ten years with the same company.

The United States, a notorious hotbed of deprived vacationers, ranked 45th with a paltry 25 days (15 vacation days and 10 paid holidays). Only the Philippines (19), Thailand (19), Canada (20), and Vietnam (22), fared worse.

Man! Even a third world country like Pakistan gets 28.