“Ego Air” to Take to Inflated Skies?

Ryanair’s chief Michael O’Leary is considering budget transatlantic flights, but says he would create a new airline to run them. Name options include “something sexy like O’Leary Air or Ego Air,” he told a news conference to promote Ryanair’s latest flight deals.

All he needs is a fleet of new longhaul aircraft, which he’s going to hold off on purchasing. Aircraft prices are currently at a peak, but they can fall by as much as 30 – 40% in a typical cycle. And like other budget airlines, there will not be first class; about 80% of the seats would be economy with a service for business travellers at the front. Furthermore, the airline would serve secondary airports, as does Ryanair.

No talk of fare prices, but I’m certainly in for a cheap(er) transatlantic crossing. Now if I could only convince a budget airline to fly Anchorage – Shanghai…. Any takers?

[via USA Today]