Google and YouTube Take Video Watching to Different Level

Since online monopolizing giant Google bought YouTube last year, it’s not surprising to see them incorporate YouTube into their Google Earth program.

I’m yet undecided as to my privacy concerns when it comes to Google Earth, since I love zooming and peering into friend’s homes, hotel rooms, offices and other random spots — (yeah, and you don’t? — admit it!). I think the ability to be able to see related YouTube videos of the spot you are nosing into is a welcome application, although not particularly necessary; I guess the need of another press release was in order.

I was going to add — who would get onto Google Earth to watch YouTube videos? But then, why wouldn’t you? — specially if they are readily available and accessible from Google Earth. Who will upload, connect and tag these videos to Google Earth? The same crazy people who make them — we are all attention seeking maniacs who will put in extra effort to link where ever we can and be seen where ever we can.

There is a spanking-ly funny video on YouTube that gives a perfect example of what we have already gotten ourselves into with Google Earth, now difference is that videos will be more geographically connected and sorted.