Iceland’s amazing Ring Road

Driving around in circles is hardly an entertaining option–unless, of course, you happen to be on an island. And then, life is best taken in a leisurely, meandering circle until you end up in the same place you’ve started.

With perhaps the exception of Maui, there is no better island tour than Iceland’s Ring Road which, as you might surmise, forms a ring around the entire country. I’ve cheated and driven just half of this marvelous creation, cutting through the middle of the island in order to shorten the journey. And man! What a drive.

The entire drive is nearly 1,400 kilometers. Along the way, travelers pass some of this planet’s most bizarre, beautiful, and engaging landscapes Mother Nature has ever conjured up.

A brief review can be found here. Or, click below for a brief slide show. But please remember, nothing replaces the actual experience itself. %Gallery-8874%