Sioux City, Iowa’s airport SUX

Here’s an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” story. For years Sioux City, Iowa city leaders have been trying to get the letter code of the Sioux Gateway Airport changed to almost anything but SUX. The years of tossing ideas back and forth with the Federal Aviation Administration have not lead to any happy solutions. Now, however, the city has changed it’s mind. SUX is a winner after all.

Instead of fighting what SUX implies, they’ve decided to embrace the code and turn it into a money maker. In a marketing campaign to push the airport, Fly SUX is being printed on hats and T-shirts. As one official noted, SUX is not a code a person forgets. [see article] That’s true. It took me the longest time to remember Columbus’s airport is CMH. The only other two I remember is JFK and LAX. I only found out about SUX today and it’s stuck in my brain. Here’s another Web site where you can get Fly SUX goods–mugs included.