One for the Road: China – People, Place, Culture, History

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about China. But I’ve been thinking about the country this evening while admiring DK’s new book about the Asian empire. Seems a good time to tell ya about it — China: People, Place, Culture, History is a massive tribute to the country, with over 700 specially commissioned images by world-class photographers.

The photos are grouped around themes: landscape, history, people, culture and architecture. The book sets the scene with stunning images of the mountains, plateaus and plains of China’s three “steps” and then follows with a chronological look at the dynasties that ruled throughout the country’s 4,000-year history. The people section does a spectacular job of peering into daily life in China with profiles of craftsmen, farmers, children, religious, artists, business people and retirees. Cultural traditions are also captured with vivid color and descriptions — calligraphy, opera, literature and philosophy are all explored. And to complete the collection, an architecture section marks the nation’s transformation through its buildings — from ancient courtyards to modern skyscrapers. Anyone with affection for China will want a copy of this spectacular look at the evolution and every day life of a world superpower.