Underwater pumpkin carving

I don’t know about you, but I often have a heck of a time trying to carve a pumpkin. Even the best-laid design is at the mercy of how well you can make a precise incision in the shell of that orange, goopy mess. So I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to do what these people are doing — carving pumpkins underwater.

Ok, so the lubrication of water might make cutting the pumpkin slightly easier, but consider this: Pumpkins float. And I’m not a diver but I suspect if I tried something like this, I might be too focused on, oh I don’t know, breathing than forming perfectly shaped eyebrows. But that’s just me — and I’m the farthest thing from a qualified Scuba diver.

Intrigued? Here are some instructions. And here are some great photos too!

(via Intelligent Traveler)