Roller skates and Halloween

I used to have a pair of roller skates with metal clamps that fastened to my shoes. No matter how I tightened them, they wouldn’t stay put. Finding out about Halloween roller skating events has made me nostalgic. Around the world people don costumes and roller skates this time of year for organized Halloween skates. These are not at a skating rink, but out on the town. I was in a Halloween run at midnight once, but roller skating sounds a lot more fun.

If you agree, then check out this list of places around the world you can skate in honor of the ghoulish holiday:

  • Pari Roller happens on Friday nights in Paris, France. This Friday, is Randoween when people dress up. This section of the Web site is in French and I don’t know how to read French all that well, so if you show up on Friday in a costume and no one else does–sorry.
  • If you read Dutch, here’s the Halloween skate event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Part of the Web site is in English so you could probably find out where this is taking place.
  • London’s event, London Skate is this Sunday. After the skating, there’s a party.
  • Philadelphia might have the least attractive people (I don’t believe that, by the way) but they sure know how to have fun. There are two Halloween skating events mentioned on its skating club Web site.
  • The Beach Bladers in South Florida had three different Halloween skates according to its calendar.
  • In San Francisco, The Midnight Rollers‘ Halloween themed skating event is tomorrow night, Oct. 26.
  • New York City, as you might expect, also has a Halloween Skate, and it’s on Halloween. This one is a parade that starts at Union Square and heads through Greenwich Village. The photo, thanks to Edward Sudenta, was taken at a Halloween skate in Central Park in 2005. I love the dreamy quality. Check out his others.

Here’s a Web site devoted to roller skating Halloween events. The dates are last year’s, but I’ve checked links and they go to this year’s. There are even costume suggestions and other Halloween tidbits.