Travel luxuries for the rich and not-so-rich

Few of us have access to the private jets and the penthouse suites at the best hotels, but that doesn’t mean the un-wealthy shouldn’t have access to travel luxuries too. Men.Style put together a list of travel upgrades that can make the coach traveller feel like a poshest of jetsetters. And the price tag might reflect that, but hey, you gotta splurge sometimes.

What made the list? Here are a few items to invest in on your nest trip:

  • A Wi-Fi Skype phone will allow you low-cost calling and Internet access anywhere
  • A visit to the Qua Baths and Spa at Cesar’s Palace in Vegas will make you feel like you’re living a life of luxury, if only for a few hours.
  • But if visiting the spa isn’t your thing, Kama Ayurveda bath products, available in Asia, bring the spa to your bathroom.
  • Rozerem is a pill that will help you sleep on a flight and wake-up hangover-free. So might be wedged into an uncomfortable coach seat next to a sumo wrestler, but you’ll feel as rested as if you had your own bed.
  • The Loro Piana travel pillow is made of cashmere and guaranteed to give you a good sleep. Well, all I can say is that at $800, it better!

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