Birds nest, white fungus. No I would not like some, thank you.

You know those shows you see on the telly where the adventurous, sexy host eats ox testicle because that’s what the back country pygmies eat? Or that one friend you have who will eat fermented shark bile because its the Icelandic specialty? I’m not that guy. Case in point, Birds Nest, White Fungus. This Vietnamese drink comes in a Redbull sized can and contains, well, birds nest and white fungus.

Having a notoriously weak stomach, I’ve never been privy to shooting myself in the foot and trying “new, exciting” food. But in the company of family, it’s harder to refuse. One sip of this stuff though and I was on the floor crying for A&W rootbeer. Who’s idea was it to put these two constituents together into a beverage?

So next time you find yourself in far off lands and you feel pressured to be like that one guy from the Travel Channel and eat sauteed Yak hair, feel free to decline. It’s ok to have a weak stomach and not be the culinary hero. I’m talking about you Bourdain; you’re turning my friends into crazy people. I’ll be in New York with my Santoku knives next Friday and I’m ready to throw down.