Guardian’s 2007 Travel Awards winners

More than 13,500 readers voted for the 21st edition of Guardian’s Travel Awards that were recently held in Seville.

The Guardian is one of my favorite newspapers, and although I couldn’t take part in the survey (UK only!), I was curious to see what was on other readers hit-lists.

Here are some of the internationally interesting results:

Best Online Booking Service:

Best Long-Haul Airline: Singapore Airlines (expected – they are fantastic)

Best Short-Haul Airline:

Best Business Airline: Emirates Airlines (expected — it’s a great airline but also there are over 100,000 British Expats living in Dubai)

Best Overseas City: Hong Kong (didn’t expect that!)

Best European City: Berlin (yeah…I understand this choice)

Best European Country: Switzerland (huh!?)

Best Long Haul Country: Cambodia (huh!?) — what does Long-Haul Country mean anyway?

I think such country based surveys say a lot about the general travel-mind of the country — and honestly some of the results surprised me.