Spooky stories from the skies

If you’re afraid of flying and believe that scary stories are best set in haunted houses, you might want to stop reading right now. James Wysong, from Msnbc, delivers 13 terrifying tales from the not-so-friendly skies. Here’s a couple:

A flight to Europe took off with a crew of four pilots and came back with only three. During a break, one of the pilots wandered off and was never heard from again. The authorities took apart the plane but have yet to solve the case. Authorities determined that the pilot had been suffering from depression and was behind on his alimony payments; they surmised he had slipped off the airplane disguised as a passenger in hopes of starting a new life. But there is no record of him going through customs or immigration, and his bags were all still on board.

Freaked out? Here’s another:

When a pair of elderly newlyweds went to Europe for their honeymoon, the husband had a heart attack and died. The wife arranged to have his body brought back in a casket to their new home in Florida. She made the connecting flight but the casket did not; in fact, the airline could not locate it for five days. When the casket was finally found, at the deceased’s hometown airport, it was … empty! One way or another, that man got cold feet.

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