Big in Japan: Asia’s biggest Halloween Party!

Halloween is in full effect here in Tokyo.

This past Saturday night, three -thousands Japanese revelers decked out in their choicest threads headed to ageHa, one of Japan’s most famous party spots.

Although Saturday night also brought with it an unseasonal typhoon, that didn’t stop the Japanese from hitting the dance floor and strutting their stuff until the wee hours of the morn.

From Captain Jack Sparrow and Pocahontas to all shades of sexy devils sweating temptation, Halloween fever was hot and heavy in the crowd. Indeed, much of the night was lost to strong drinks, skirt chasing and a healthy amount of sinning.

As with most nights out in the pleasure land that is Tokyo, details of what exactly happened inside the club are hazy at best. However, judging by the epic hangover that I’m just now beginning to shake, clearly the party was fueled by an absurd amount of alcohol.

Other signs of unchecked hedonism include an empty wallet as well as the sinking feeling that my brain and my liver might never be the same.

If you’ve never been to ageHa, allow me to educate you on what you’re missing.

ageHa (あげは), which means ‘Swallowtail butterfly’ in Japanese, is located on the waterfront in Eastern Tokyo’s reclaimed industrial district. Since 2003, ageHa has garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s best clubs.

International DJs including Paul van Dyk, John Digweed and Fatboy Slim make regular appearances at ageHa, as well as a number of Japanese DJs including Ko Kimura and Yoji Biomehanika.

On any given night however, you can expect top quality DJs spinning everything from hip-hop and R&B to deep house and trance. There are also occasional reggae nights, live rock performances and a healthy dose of Tokyo-spawned underground beats.

What makes ageHa so legendary is that it’s massive, especially by Japanese standards. The main dance floor is the size of most of the country’s concert venues, though the action is spread out amongst lounge rooms, outdoor dance tents and several terraces.

ageHa even boasts an outdoor swimming pool, which sees plenty of action in the sultry Tokyo summers as well as in the drunken early twilight hours. The sound system is also billed as the loudest and most advanced in Japan, which is easy to believe once you step foot inside the club and feel vibrations that are strong enough to shake the change out of your pocket.

Of course, the highlight of any night out at ageHa is usually watching the sunrise over the Tokyo skyline. By this point in the night, you’re usually dripping with sweat and blitzed on all sorts of liquid poison. But, when the sun peaks above the horizon and the sky lights up, it’s hard not to pause for a moment and realize just how good life can be.

ageHa is located a few minutes by foot from Shin-kiba (新木場) station, which can be accessed by several trains including the Keiyo and Yurakucho lines. The club also runs a free bus service that runs back and forth to the east exit of Shibuya (渋谷) station. Entry fees vary depending on the act. For more information on upcoming performers, check out their website at