Yummiest First Class meals

I just knew it would make me upset, but nonetheless, I couldn’t resist checking out a USA Today article entitled, Best First Class Meals.

And, as I suspected, I’m going to glare at the soggy $7 coach sandwich with even more disdain the next time I fly. That’s because those jerks up in First Class are basking in culinary Nirvana–at least on Gulf Air and Cathay Pacific. These two airlines snagged the top spots in an annual survey of the world’s best First Class meals.

And how did they earn such accolades? Try private chefs, caviar, Dom Perignon, made-to-order eggs, multi-course meals, specialties such as “honey glazed quail on a sweet potato cake,” and “Arabic spiced veal ragout,” and meals served on bone china.

If you really want to torture yourself, check out the accompanying Forbes slide show. It’s guaranteed to make your mouth water and possibly cause you to storm First Class in a daring food raid armed only with a stale baguette and a gnawing hunger.