Moscow’s best outdoor markets

There is nothing quite like a Russian outdoor market.

Imagine a place where produce and goods from the largest country in the world come together in a bounty of pleasure. Throw in tastiness from the former soviet republics in Central Asia and the Caucuses, and you’ve got a veritable cornucopia of mouth-watering, eye-popping goods which make Moscow markets some of the very best in the world.

I’ve spent hours wandering through their spectacular array of eye candy, marveling over Siberian tomatoes, uzbek melons, dried fruit from Kazakhstan, hard cheese from Georgia, honey from Azerbaijan, and more. Man, it’s unfathomable how people ever went hungry in the former Soviet Union!

While most of these markets do not appear in your typical Moscow guidebook, they are most definitely worth a visit if you have the time. Just wandering around will give you a feeling for the breadth of the former USSR and the myriad of cultures and regional dishes spread throughout.

The Moscow Times has recently published a great article detailing Moscow’s very best outdoor markets and what one can expect when visiting. If you’ve got any type of palate whatsoever, reading through their description of goods for sale will make your mouth water up. As it did mine. Mmmm…