GADLING TAKE FIVE: Week of November 2-9

This week hasn’t been the smoothest for airlines around the world, it seems. We’ve had angry passengers revolting in Russia, pilots are falling asleep on approach, engines falling off wings, a collisions that almost happened mid-flight, drunk flight attendants, and — of course — sex in tents. I’m not sure what that last one has to do with airlines, but it’s an interesting interview nonetheless. What else has been happening at Gadling this week? Let’s find out…

  • Matthew’s been checking out the Tokyo Motor Show, and has plenty of pictures to prove it.
  • Fly-for-Beans, anyone? New blogger Abha rounded up a few of those wacky budget airline names. Be sure and check out the comments for a few reader submissions as well.
  • Leif actually found a corner of the planet where not only does McDonald’s not exist, even the locals are unsure of what it is. “How do you explain a world famous franchise restaurant that sells questionable food, which may or may not be physically addictive, hawked by a clown with gender identity issues?”
  • The 12th season of The Amazing Race started this past Sunday, and we’ll be doing weekly recaps every Monday. Here’s the first one.
  • Las Vegas gets its first erotic coffee shop. Finally.

Until next week….