Disneyland: a popular place to spread ashes?

Here’s a new one.

Apparently, Disneyland is seeing an increasing number of incidents where park-goers are sneaking in the cremated remains of a loved one, and scattering them around the park. Seriously.

“The Haunted Mansion is by far the most popular location for this,” writes Miceage.com, “but you’d be surprised where else people are dumping cremated remains at Disneyland.”

The Haunted Mansion is where it all began, but the epidemic is growing to other areas of the park so much that employees are now trained to deal with the situation.

“To respond to this growing problem, Disneyland’s custodial department recently had to purchase special vacuums with very sophisticated HEPA filters that can capture the gritty ash of human remains while also capturing the small bone fragments that can also be present after cremation. The Cast Members who work in Attractions know the code words when calling the custodial hotline, and they tell the custodial dispatcher that they need a ‘HEPA Cleanup’ as soon as possible.”

Truly bizarre. [via]


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