Don’t feed the NYC pigeons — you could be fined $1000

If you’re going to be in NYC in the future, do not, I repeat, do NOT feed the pigeons. You could be fined $1000. New York officials are considering implementing a fine for people who feed these birds, and they’re also considering other measures like distributing birth control to the birds (seriously! Well, not birth control per se — some other type of contraceptive.) They might even bring in Hawks to scare the nasty birds away.

Why all the negativity towards pigeons? They’re a health hazard — their droppings can transmit serious diseases. That and they’re really annoying.

You might have gathered that I am not a fan of pigeons. Actually, I’m scared of birds and pigeons seem to be the worst of them. Imagine my delight when a bag-lady in Bangkok threw a pile of pigeon feed on me in some sort of bizarre attempt to get me to give her money. I tell you, I was thrilled.

But, I digress. The point is, don’t feed the birds.