One for the Road: Around the World – The Grand Tour in Photo Albums

Long before the birth of travel blogs, online trip journals or digital cameras, there were photo albums and paper scrapbooks. Remember those? Sure you do, and of course, plenty of folks still use these traditional forms to chronicle and capture their travels. But today’s Moleskines and Kodak Photogallery albums are modern day versions of an artistic journaling phenomenon that dates back to the invention of photography.

A new book from Princeton Architectural Press traces the history of the travel photo album with an impressive collection of snapshots, postcards and passenger lists that capture the stories of early voyages. Around the World – The Grand Tour in Photo Albums includes amateur photos, diary entries, ship menus and newspaper clippings that transport readers back to the dawn of world travel. Read author Barbara Levine’s Confessions of an Armchair Traveler essay to learn more about how travel tales were chronicled at the turn of the twentieth century. And pick up a copy of this book to be whisked away on a vintage journey full of classic travel ephemera.