What does the TSA do with your confiscated goods?

Ever wonder what happened to your airport-security-confiscated bottle of French wine, the $20 bottle of shampoo you splurged on, or even just the best darn pair of clippers to ever touch your toenails? Well, it probably didn’t go into the rubbish bin. However, it might’ve gone straight to your security agent’s gut (or in the case of my Aveda shampoo and favorite nail clippers, bathroom).

Travel writer and flight attendant James Wysong decided to inquire after all the contraband withheld at the airport, and here’s what he found out: most metal items go to a melting plant, while pocket knives are donated to organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. And his friend now has a stellar collection comprised of 600 lighters.

Liquor used to be tossed (away, not back!), until cleaning staff reportedly began getting tipsy on the job. Now liquor must be taken to a supervisor’s office to be “properly disposed.”

Just what “properly disposed” means Wysong isn’t able to find out. But I know exactly how I would properly dispose of my French wine. Don’t you?

[via Msnbc]