One-stop travel shop

If you’ve ever had to run around to half a dozen stores to pick up your travels supplies, you know exactly the angst which motivated two entrepreneurs to create a travel store that has it all.

Flight 001 specializes in all things travel. And, with the recent restrictions on liquids, they have also become the one-stop-shop for those tiny bottles of toiletries that I can never seem to find no matter how many different stores I visit.

Flight 001 also carries travel gadgets, electronics, books, luggage, wallets, luggage tags, packing aids, and tons more cool items for the active traveler. And guess what; the stores are designed in the shape of an airplane just to get you in the mood. But don’t worry. If none of the seven stores are near you (New York, Chicago, LA, London, Dubai, & San Francisco) you can always check out their website.