Nudist tourism: drop your clothes and go on vacation!

My first real experience of a “nudist” anything, was last year when I went to the Balearic Island of Formentera. It all began when our host picked us up from the port butt-naked. We had never met him before, but for him to stand there naked and welcome us onto the island was as normal as having coffee for breakfast. I was momentarily scandalized, but it didn’t take me long to laugh about it.

5-days on a nudist island and you’d think I’d be comfortable to join the gang at least on day 4. But no. I was the only loser with my bikini on and I stuck out like a sore thumb; I just couldn’t do it without being super self-conscious!

A bit of research online and I found cults of people and organisations who only want to be able to travel naked: “dedicated to the wholesome acceptance of the human body and the enjoyment of nude recreation”, as Hill Country Nudists like to put it.

According to Australian News, nudists can choose from 270 clubs, resorts and campgrounds in the US, and the American Association of Nude Recreation estimates that nudists contribute about $400 million into the global tourism industry.

However, nudity doesn’t always sell: California based nudist travel group Lifestyles Tours and Travel, a company that organizes adult-only holidays has just filed for bankruptcy as it owes $110 million to 49 creditors.

Big money, big market huh! And the only difference is that clothing is optional!