GPS widgets for your cell phone

Now that GPS is installed in all new cell phones, an entire industry has sprung up to provide direction and guidance to anyone holding a phone in their hands.

And it’s not just old-fashioned directions on a map, either.

Today’s new fangled widgets provide a bevy of topical, geographically desirable information served directly to the user. One of the hottest providers of such services is a company called Where. For just $2.99 a month, subscribers can download a variety of specialized GPS based widgets which can tell them the location of the nearest burger joint, roadside attraction, pub, or pretty much anything else they might be on the lookout for.

In addition, there are handy applications that will put drivers in contact with the person in charge of fixing potholes on the street they happen to be driving on. Or, my personal favorite; there is a widget in the Where Library that tells a user exactly where they would surface on the other side of the planet if they were to start digging a hole from where they were standing.