Listening to your favorite foreign radio stations at home

Local music is an integral part of travel. Although often overlooked because it’s usually part of the background, local music is as much of the travel experience as food, tourist sights, and the locals themselves.

Often, if you spend enough time in a country, you begin to hear many of the same songs in bars, nightclubs, and on the radio in your hotel room or rental car. These are the local hits and when you eventually return home, you will never hear them again.

Well, now there is a way. As more and more radio stations stream their content online, the opportunity to listen to far away signals from the comfort of your computer at home is now as simple as visiting a single website. conveniently sorts thousands of online radio stations by country of origin. So, if I’m interested in listening to Sum Svistu, or simply brushing up on my Czech, I can click on any one of the 121 stations within the Czech category. Or, how about some real reggae from Jamaica? No problem; Reciva lists 11 stations from the island itself. Very cool!