Dollar eviscerated in India: Rupees now preferred

As another sign of the plummeting dollar, officials in India have turned up their noses at the greenback and have started charging tourists a fixed rupee rate instead of the traditional dollar based entrance fee for the country’s main sights.

According to a recent Reuters article, the Ministry of Culture used to charge $5 to enter the Taj Mahal. This price was set when one dollar was worth 50 rupees. Today, the dollar has slunk to a low of 39 rupees. This means that the $5 entrance fee is now shortchanging the state coffers by 55 rupees per tourist.

To stem this loss of revenue, the Ministry of Culture is now making tourists pay a fixed rate of 250 rupees, approximately $6.50.

Man, will it ever end? When India becomes an expensive place to visit due to the plummeting dollar, things are really bad.