What do tourists really say about Plymouth Rock?

In honor of Thanksgiving coming up, here’s an ode to Plymouth Rock–the famous bit of boulder where William Bradford stepped off the Mayflower with the other Pilgrims following close behind, all ready to start their oppression free lives. That’s worked, kind of, although not perfect yet, (just ask the people who comment on Gadling about TSA regulations)–what is perfect is the meal eaten in their honor. But, back to the rock and this charming video.

This You Tube post by Stephanie Chaisson, a project she did for The Patriot Ledger, is a series of quick interviews with people of various ages asking them: “So what do you think of Plymouth Rock anyway?” I was actually surprised by how many kids seemed to like the rock, although there was a “kinda boring” type response. I can imagine a series where you could go up to people at various tourist attractions and ask them, “So what do you think of (fill in the blank) type questions.