Strangest Street Food

While those of our readers who are American are probably eating turkey today, others in the world at large might be contemplating a very odd meal on the road.

We love strange, foreign dishes here at Gadling and in the spirit of Thanksgiving we thought we’d direct your attention towards a Travel + Leisure article and slide show entitled The World’s Strangest Street Food.

The article itself touches on some of the more delectable offerings from places like Bangkok and Singapore as well as providing a few tips for the culinary adventurous, such as avoiding vendors who water down their products to make them look fresh and shiny.

The slideshow, however, is far more fascinating. Ten photos of fried water beetles, reindeer hotdogs, yak butter tea, and other oddities are complimented with a paragraph describing what to expect as well as where to find these tasty nuggets.

Me? I’ll be enjoying some good old-fashioned turkey today, thank you very much.

(Photo of deep fried bugs by Flickr user Llanosom)