Remember to tip the tour guide; he or she has a lousy job

Almost every time I’ve taken a trip that has a tour guide, I’ve had a great time. For the most part, they are knowledgeable, engaging, and have a knack for creating a sense of wonder at various sights. The last tour guide who entertained us was this past summer in Seattle when we took The Ducks, a tour in one of those vehicles that can travel on land and on the water. Our guide started out dressed like a pirate and then changed hats and personas at different points along the 90-minute sweep through sections of the city.

Okay, sure this may sound like the silliest tour in the world, but it was a blast. The guide knew a ton of stuff about Seattle that I may have missed otherwise. Plus, if you’re with a group of fun people who are into having a good time, like we were, the world seems brighter. I’m always interested in seeing where other travelers are from, as well.

During the tour, I wondered how much a Duck tour guide might make. According to an article on the worst jobs, probably not much. Tour guides are on the list as the least well-paid. That’s one of the reason’s why their job is lousy–and one reason why it’s important to remember to give a tip at the end of a tour. Now, I wish we had given more.